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Why Step Turbo?

Step Turbo is a leading provider of high-quality turbochargers in Thailand, offering precision-engineered cartridges and full sets. Crafted in Thailand, their products reflect the country's engineering expertise. With a commitment to proven performance and customer satisfaction, Step Turbo is your trusted partner for elevating vehicle performance. Drive confidently with Step Turbo.

JCB excavators featuring Step Turbo technology deliver superior performance and efficiency through optimized combustion processes, resulting in increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced power output. Tailored for JCB machinery, these turbochargers seamlessly integrate, contributing to the overall productivity, longevity, and effectiveness of the excavators in construction and earthmoving applications.


Komatsu Turbochargers at Step Turbo elevate the performance of Komatsu excavators with cutting-edge turbocharging technology. These turbochargers are precision-engineered to maximize power, efficiency, and fuel economy, delivering optimal operation across various job site conditions. Tailored for Komatsu machinery, the turbochargers enhance reliability and productivity, underscoring Komatsu's dedication to delivering top-notch and innovative solutions in the heavy machinery sector.


Hitachi Excavators set the standard in heavy machinery, offering advanced technology, durability, and efficiency for construction projects. Known for precision engineering and innovation, these excavators deliver powerful digging capabilities, improved fuel efficiency, and operator comfort. Hitachi prioritizes sustainability, ensuring their machines contribute to a greener construction industry. With versatility and reliability, Hitachi Excavators are trusted solutions for professionals in excavation and construction.