TKParts New RHV4 17201-51020 1720151020 VB22 Turbo electric actuator wastegate Ladedruckregler For 2008-12 Toyota 200 series Land cruiser C-Rail Wagon with 1VD-FTV VDJ76/78/79 Engine

Ksh 25,000-Ksh 55,000

  1. Turbocharger turbine blades with rare metal Ni, high temperature resistance, extended use time and increased power
  2. He turbocharger's volute is made of a good material Si-Mo, which does not creep at a high temperature degrees, prolonging the service life.
  3. Each turbocharger is delivered after precise static balance and dynamic balance.
  4. Before purchasing a high-quality turbocharger, please check the picture carefully. The necessary accessories for the installation are already in place and easy to install. It is recommended to find a professional master to install.
  5. He oil and oil filter and air filter must be replaced before installation, and then high-quality turbochargers must be installed. The clamps on the pipes must be tightened during installation. The pipes must not leak gas or the pipes are slightly blocked inside. If you have any questions, please send an email
  6. I plant production of various turbocharger, complete variety, price concessions, quality assurance.Is the first choice of products, the most trustworthy
  7. The products are cars, trucks, ships, generator sets, engineering machines and other turbochargers

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