Nissan Navara Pathfinder YD25 2.5DCi GT2056V 769708-5004S

Ksh 25,000-Ksh 55,000

Fit for Nissan Navara 2.5L YD25DDTI 2006-
Fit for Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L YD25DDTI 2006-
Part Numbers: 767720-0001, 767720-0002, 767720-0003, 767720-0004, 767720-0005, 767720-0006, 767720-5003S, 767720-5004S, 767720-5005S, 769708-0001, 769708-0002, 769708-0003, 769708-0004, 769708-5003S, 769708-1, 769708-2, 769708-3
Reference OE/OEM Number: 14411-EB70A; 14411-EB70B; 14411-EB70C; 14411-EB70D; 14411-EC00B; 14411-EC00C; 14411-EC00E
Please Carefully distinguish this Turbo with 14411-EB300, their difference is on the exhaust side which connect with the manifold.769708 turbo have 4 exhaust inlet bolt hole, but the 14411-eb300 only have 3 exhaust inlet bolt hole, Both of them have 3 bolts hole on the exhaust outlet side

Category: Turbo Charger

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